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Book, Percy the Parrot

This is a book of humorous rhymes and poems (some serious) and features ‘Puzzling Poems’, which are puzzles to solve from a written poem. Also featured is an unusual concept that 'Captain Peter' has called ‘Re-versing Rhymes’.

You will find the book full of humour and includes 'Captain Peter's' own illustrations. A good chuckle here and there is guaranteed.

This is an updated (2nd Edition) book that contains excerpts from all of Captain Peter's present publications and is Free to download from Smashwords.

This is an interactive e-book. You can begin at any one of the fifty states and then go North, South, East etc to the adjoining state. On 'arrival' you will find a whole load of information, pictures and maps regarding that state. A great book for 'quizzers', students and anyone who wants to know more about the USA.

Only presently available in American speak through Kindle only. Copyright issues with title, so title may have to change.

This is the third 'Interactive Traveller' e-book in what will be a series. Again you can travel through the various municipalities, and in this book it is the beautiful and diverse Beja District of Portugal. As with the other e-books, each municipality has its own attractions, history and various facts.

Books by Captain Peter

First Chapter – The File

Contained within loose black clothing, was a short, skinny-looking twelve-year-old girl.  Her pallor was sickly pale and, placed tidily upon her head, she wore a grey beanie hat with 'Mean Machine' embroidered in white on the front.  This partially hid the fact that beneath the hat, she was completely bald.  Her powder-blue eyes were engrossed as she speedily flipped through the pages of a file she found in the room of a building in which her father worked.  She was aware of the movement of a security guard slowly approaching, checking each room of the building to make sure the doors were locked before switching off their lights.  The girl had no time to read, but fortunately her photographic memory would allow her to 'process' it all later.  The pages in the file were each numbered.  The first seven pages were missing, and she paused briefly at page fifty where another three pages had been removed.  Aware that the security guard was getting ever nearer, she flicked through the pages of the file even faster until finishing on the last page which was numbered seventy-six.  When she closed the file, she stared down at it.  It had her name on the front – with a full stop behind each letter – A.P.R.I.L.
She searched her mind, thinking back into her past.  All the memories she had before a terrible tragedy at the age of eight – were they all a lie?  She would never have realised that something was amiss had it not been a chance encounter with her best friend from school, who failed to recognise her, and was quite insistent that the person April was claiming to be was definitely dead!

April heard the guard trying the door of the next room.  She quickly replaced the file into the drawer of a green filing cabinet and hid behind it.  She realised that she had left keys on the desk, but fortunately the guard ignored them when he peered through the door's small pane of glass when finding it locked.  Not seeing anything untoward, he switched off the light and continued his meander along the corridor, doing his checks.  As he left the building, he switched off the corridor lights, leaving the building in darkness.  April looked through the window and at the bright full moon, which reminded her of the time just before becoming conscious.


Book, Percy the Parrot   Humorous accounts of when 'Captain Peter' used to own an African Grey parrot called 'Percy'.  Also in the book, there are amusing recollections of other animals that he has encountered, from the time he 'left home' with the family dog when he was just eighteen months old, to other memories of  various creatures that have crossed his path from budgerigars and mice to elephants. This has also been updated with one additional story about a recent encounter with a rat.
  A humorous 'fictional account of true events' as was experienced by Percy in the first book (Percy the Parrot and other Pet Subjects) .

This book of humorous poem and rhyme is ideal for children and is accompanied by pictures and illustrations.

  This is the second A-Z of Animal poems and is again ideal for both children and adults. Contains additional poems and each poem is accompanied by a picture or illustration.

This is another 'Interactive Traveller' e-book that will take you on a tour through the 16 municipalities in the Algarve, Portugal. Each municipality is different in its own way and there is lots of interesting information, there are various facts and historical references. there are lots of pictures too.


This 'Interactive Traveller' book takes you around the 2013-14 English Premier League football clubs, providing all sorts of information from management profiles to each clubs 2013-14 football squads and from Stadia to History. New this year are the league fixtures for the 2013-14 season.

There are over 150 pages of information and pictures.

Obtain regular FREE updates when you purchase this book. Information is provided at end of book.


This 'Interactive Traveller' book takes you around the 2013-14 English football clubs that are in the top 4 leagues (Premier, Championship, League One & League Two).

There are all sorts of facts, histories and present squads etc - and all the league fixtures list for 2013-14.

There are over 800 pages of information and pictures.

Obtain regular FREE updates when you purchase this book. Information is provided at end of book.


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