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Photo Album 2012

February: About to commence Algarve 8 ball pool final in Portimão. I came runner up out of 300 entries & received trophy on the right as well as entry to national finals.
February: Baragem near Odiaxere just a few kilometers from Lagos. This Image was used on cover for my book 'A Sign of the Rhymes'.

March: Arriving in Aveiro for Portugal 8 ball Pool Championships (It was raining!)

March: Playing in National finals. Venue was in food hall of main shopping centre in Aveiro. Aveiro is the 'Venice of Portugal'.
March: National Pool Championships - just having a rest. It's all very wearing at my age!
April: Villa warming BBQ on a lovely warm sunny day at Bryan & Jane's
May: Son Andrew's wedding to Dymfie at Kasteel Erenstein in the Netherlands.
May: Confetti made of real flower petals
Cutting the cake   Toasting the new daughter in law.

Panoramic of Kasteel Erenstein

June 2nd: Ayli's birthday (63rd) - the beginning of a busy month!   June 3rd : Fatacil Fair. Was with Kiss Fm road show which went out live on the Sunday morning.  
Fatacil: Owen having a well deserved drink after fin shing his live radio show. It was a very hot day!   June 5th. Pool team mate, David, and his family, take over Lacobriga café in Lagos. This is Martins, a pool playing colleague and artist, who has found the perfect place to park his 'high tech' artmobile.  
June 9th: Another one of those lunches! This one was in Portelas, which is just outside Lagos.   June 12th: Geezers lunch at Trindade. Each of those pans is a single meal! - for 5 euros!!  
June 16th: Attended José's funeral who died of cancer. He was a gifted piano player.   June 17th: Party on a hot day at Val and Trevors 50th Wedding Annniversary.  
July: Visit from all of Ayli's family (John & Jane) with John's new girlfriend 'Redda'
August: Geezers Brunch at the Marina Bar.      
  August: Sir Cliff Richard at the Kiss Fm studios in Albufeira. A really great guy. It is said that it is one of Sir Cliffs best interviews, which was conducted by 'Sir Owen Gee'. I was nominated to be the cameraman, so it was a great pleasure to spend over two hours with him in the studio. He was very chatty off the mike as he was on it.  



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