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Captain Peter Cain
Author, Boat Skipper, Weatherman, Good Pool Player!

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Captain Peter Cain (born 1954) spent all his childhood years living in a small village called Buxworth which is situated in the hills of the Peak District in North Derbyshire. At the age of 20, he broke away from village life to become a Redcoat Entertainer at the Butlins Holiday Centre in Ayr, Scotland. From there he advanced from being a bingo caller and then manager to sales executive for a cleaning firm before finally owning his own business which he eventually sold. He aimed for a complete 'life change' and went through the process of becoming a professional boat skipper.

He sailed around to Portugal and settled in the beautiful tourist locality of Lagos, which is situated in the west of the Algarve. He has worked in the region as a skipper on various tourist boats during the summer seasons since 2000.

He has written a number of books, which you can order through Amazon:-

Latest Book - A Sign of the Rhymes.

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April DawnLife Lives (Science Fiction) Out NOW

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April Dawn - Life Lives, is also available in paperback:-

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A young girl awakens to find she has memories from two different pasts that are fifty years apart and both ended tragically when eight years old.  She feels different.  She is different. Who is she?
When transported across America in a specially adapted RV, she discovers more of herself.  Shadowing her are government agents.  The Chinese want to abduct her.  The U.S. military want to kill her.  Why?
The technology is almost here.  How are we going to treat it?

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Also coming soon:-

The Invisible Twin (Supernatural)



Also available in Paperback:- Tour the Algarve, A-Z of Animals Poems 1 & 2
  Book, Percy the Parrot  



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